Worst Dog Breed For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Dachshunds

Aries are stubborn and straightforward, sometimes to a fault. They're confident and honest. Authenticity is more valuable to a relationship than letting things fester, but it can be painful.

Taurus: Jack Russell Terriers

Tauruses don't like Jack Russells' impatience. Taurus, like Earth, moves land masses at its own speed. Rushing is pointless. It's pointless to force them to move. 

Gemini: Australian Shepherds

One of the smartest canine breeds, Australian shepherds are gorgeous. But everyday routine gives them meaning. They thrive on clear tasks. They don't like crafting and contemplative park walks.

Cancer: Shiba Inus

Shiba Inus are intelligent and loyal to their owners. They're also self-sufficient. They're stubborn and won't walk if they're not in the mood. Cancers should choose a cheerful golden retriever. 

Leo: Goldendoodles

Leos respect politeness. They're quickly irritated by rudeness or not saying hello. They dislike doodles because they value etiquette. Large poodle mixes are hyper and impulsive. 

Virgo: St. Bernards

Slobbery, high-shedding love piles. They lavish their affection on your couch, floor, and black clothes. Virgos can choose a hypoallergenic small poodle or a Bernie to practice letting go.

Libra: Pomeranians

Pomeranians are amusing but too high-strung for Libras. They act like a 15-times-larger dog, perhaps because they're 90% fur. They "bark first, ask questions later" with other dogs, people, and anything that moves.

Scorpio: Vizslas

Vizslas try to act like lapdogs despite their appearance. Their solemn expressions and elegant build are deceptive. Velcro dogs rank highest. They loathe solitude.

Sagittarius: Bulldogs

Bulldogs usually sleep. They're sweet and friendly, but they'd rather lounge than go to the dog park or eat with their owner. Bulldogs are unsuitable for Sagittarians, who are easily bored and avoid commitment.

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Capricorn: Chihuahuas

Fire-breathing Chihuahuas will quickly irritate Capricorns. Despite weighing 2 pounds and preferring a stroller to walking like a dog, they think they're great.

Aquarius: Corgis

Unfortunately, corgis distrust. Athletic, vivacious, and affectionate, they'll give you the side look if you're strange. Science shows that female canines judge more than male ones. Leave corgis to the royal family and acquire a more accepting pup.

Pisces: Huskies

Being pressed by a hectic schedule or a companion who won't accept no is the worst for Pisces. Huskies are "can't take no for an answer" animals. Though quiet, they talk.

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