Walmart's Newest Bakery Items Leave Fans Speechless

New Mini Strawberry Butter Cakes

The treat piqued our interest when an Instagram user introduced her followers to Walmart's Marketside brand Strawberry Butter Cake.

She bought these because she could smell the strawberry from the exterior of the container, which reminded her of the scent of a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Bar.

"I'm like speechless," she said after taking a mouthful. "The outside crust is actually more like a chewy strawberry shortcake cookie," she told me.

In the end, she determined that the cake was well worth the price since "the combination of the chewy cookie shell with the gooey dense cake on the interior just makes every bite so good texture-wise."

Mini Dessert Flavors From Walmart Marketside

She returned to Walmart shortly after posting about the Strawberry Butter Cake to pick up the Marketside Cookies and Cream Pie, another tart-like dessert. What was her conclusion? "Run to Walmart!"

The crust is chocolate graham cracker-like, and the inside tastes like "if a Hershey's cookies and cream bar had the texture of Oreo cream," according to User.

"Based on your description, I'm guessing they made a white chocolate ganache and mixed in Oreo cookie pieces for the filling." "That sounds fantastic!" one of her fans exclaimed.

She also wrote a separate post about the new Marketside Chocolate Cream Pie, which is the same size as the strawberry cake and cookies and cream pie.

"Oh no. Why did they feel the need to create that flavor? That is my all-time favorite pie. "Please tell me it's terrible," one fan begged.

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