US snow warning: America braces for 'El Nino winter' to unleash 'SNOWMAGEDDON'

A fast rising Pacific warming pattern threatens a week of rain before the US prepares for a 'El Nino winter' and "snowmageddon."

Earlier this year, rising eastern Pacific temperatures were confirmed. A ‘strong El Nino’ is now feared. Warm water collecting around the Peruvian coast due to ocean current changes might alter worldwide weather patterns.

Southern US states have wetter, colder weather, whereas northern states have warmer weather. Experts warn that this week's torrential rains may signal a meteorological shift.

Warmer water temperatures may be linked to a late-season sub-tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico, which will need to be monitored. The south coast and Florida will see more rain this week.

He warned that El Nino strengthening in the next months could bring cooler weather and snow. He said: “The cold may eventually come into the east quadrant of the US during the second half of the season.

This is anticipated to affect New York, Maine, and the Great Lakes. The Greenland Block, a high-pressure system, may help El Nino bring chilly weather.

While a very cold spell over the next three months is possible, El Nino has been associated to warmer-than-average circumstances. El Nino isn't the only factor affecting winter weather, says Weather Channel analyst Danielle Banks.

Other things include the Greenland Block, a high-pressure area. Which can bring chilly air to the south, east, and central US. “We will be watching for that as winter progresses.” She added El Nino winters may raise temperatures in the north.