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The Most In-Demand Job Skills Today

Cloud computing

Businesses are moving their functions to the cloud, so cloud computing is in high demand across the board.

Artificial intelligence

Building AI models, testing them, and maintaining AI infrastructure are just some of the functions that AI skills are required for.

Sales leadership

Sales are what ultimately drive profit. Sales leaders are skilled in closing deals and motivating others.


Analytical skills are needed in almost every industry because they help with problem-solving and deciding courses of action.


In our global economy, translation skills are in demand more than ever. Not only is interpreting and translating data to another language necessary.

People management

People management skills have been hugely in demand for a long time, as opposed to many technical skills that come in and out of demand because of how fast technology moves on.

Video production

Most of the entertainment we consume is video content, so there has to be someone to make it, especially for professional marketing.

Audio production

While radio and the music industry are always looking for audio producers, there are also opportunities in the gaming industry and the TV and film industry.

UX/UI design

User experience design skills are what is needed to make the world work for people.