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The Best Traditional Mexican Recipes


Simply meaning “shell”—due to their seashell-like appearance—conchas are a must-try Mexican delicacy.


Fancy biting into a hot tamale? Made from corn masa, these traditional rolls can be filled with a wide variety of delectable meats and vegetables before being steamed.

Albóndigas soup

Featuring fresh flavours and spicy meatballs, here’s a traditional Mexican soup that’s sure to knock your socks off.

Beef flautas

Also known as taquitos or dorados, beef flautas are corn tortillas filled with shredded meat and then fried.


If you have something of a sweet tooth, you don’t want to miss out on the perfect sopaipillas recipe from Mexico in my Kitchen.

Slow-cooker carnitas

There are few things in life as truly satisfying as slow-cooked pork. When you’re craving something meaty, tender, and delicious.

Pico de gallo

Looking for something fresh and traditional? Pico de gallo is one of Mexico’s best-known salsas and it’s oh-so-simple to make.


A simply scrumptious street food, churros are deep-fried desserts that are often topped off with sugar or even cinnamon.


Guacamole—or guac, if you’re on first-name terms—needs no introduction. The avocado-based dip has become a firm favourite all around the world.