The 12 Most Popular Cat Breeds for Cat Lovers


Most Siamese cats have "points" on their face, ears, paws, and tail. Two Siamese cats have "apple" heads and chubbier bodies, while the other has a bigger head and slim body.


Persian cats, often known as "smushed-face" cats or Shiraz cats, have long, gorgeous fur coats. They have a flat face and may be practically any color.

Maine Coon

Polydactylism, or additional toes, makes Maine coons' already huge feet even larger Large feet work as snowshoes, making snow hunting easier.


Ragdoll cats are named for their submissiveness. Like rag dolls, they limp when pulled up. When people assumed they couldn't feel pain, they were wrong.


Bengals are wild-looking cats. Though tamed, their patterns make them appear like wild animals. They chat and exercise a lot. They have dots and rosettes in numerous hues.


The banded Abyssinian cat originates from Ethiopia and has a reddish agouti coat. The wedge-shaped skull, tall, sharp ears, and slim, muscular physique are its features.


Birmans are color-pointed like Siamese and ragdolls. Their medium-length hair, blue eyes, and lack of an undercoat distinguish them from Persians and Himalayans. 

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthairs are different from Siamese, although this slim cat looks like one. Green eyes and varied color patterns distinguish them from Siamese cats.


Due to their furlessness, sphynx cats are gregarious, energetic, dog-like cats. Despite their royal appearance, they are silly and behave like court jesters.

Devon Rex

Devon rex cats are slim with huge ears and flowing, silky fur. Devon Rex cats are energetic and active, like "a monkey in a catsuit." This happy, lovely cat will win your heart. 


Like the Persian, the Himalayan cat is a sub-breed in certain cat organisations and a breed in others. Crossing Persians and Siamese produced Himalayans with color points.

American Shorthair

American shorthair cats are clever, shorthaired cats with round faces and short ears. Though purebred, they are commonly mistaken for domestic mixed-breed cats.

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