Taylor Swift Saved Public Transport And Now She's Fixing Airlines Too

Taylor Swift, seen here pointing at the next mass transit system she’s going to fix.

When you book a flight, airlines will do whatever to get every buck. However, Taylor Alison Swift can force them to eliminate passenger change fees.

On the international leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour, the “New Romantics” singer began in Argentina this weekend. Swift announced on social media that “truly chaotic” weather made the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires “unsafe” and caused her to cancel her second engagement.

The airline's policy change was praised, but it doesn't appear to be permanent. Additionally, not all airline flights this weekend were affected.

Maybe after Swift started the change movement, governments and leaders might help travelers?

We'll wait to see what Swift can revolutionize next in public travel. After raising train ridership in America with the Eras Tour, maybe she'll boost ferries in Sydney or save cycle riding in the Netherlands next year?