Ponytail Hairstyles for Mature Women

Low ponytail: 

For an attractive finish, comb your hair and wrap a part around the hair tie.

Textured Ponytail: 

Use a texturizing spray or tease your crown to add volume to your ponytail. This softens your ponytail.

Side ponytail: 

For a soft, appealing look, knot it with a hair tie and let a few face-framing strands fall.

High ponytail: 

Pull your hair to the crown and tie it tightly. Before ponytailing, crown-tease for volume.

Messy Ponytail 

Messy ponytails are easy and casual. For a carefree style, ruffle your hair and arrange it into a loose ponytail.

Braided ponytail: 

Make a braided ponytail by braiding a section of hair and wrapping it around your ponytail.

Low-Knotted Ponytail: 

Knot portions of hair for a distinctive ponytail. Divide your low ponytail with two pieces.

Wrapped ponytail: 

Wrapping a strand of hair around the hair tie hides it, elevating your ponytail. This easy trick makes your ponytail elegant.

Bangs-On Ponytail:

Style your ponytail with bangs. Make a ponytail and let your bangs frame your face.

Accessory Ponytail: 

A hair item can dress up your ponytail. A jeweled clip, ribbon, or fashionable hair tie can make your ponytail stand out.

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