Nightwing Finally Apologizes for Batman's Biggest 'Mistake' - And He's Correct

Nightwing vindicates Batman's mistake, showcasing its brilliance despite poor execution.

Titans fill the void left by the Justice League, emerging as Earth's premier heroes during their hiatus.

In Titans #2, Nightwing reveals he's adopting a controversial Batman strategy, promising to execute it flawlessly this time to his teammates.

Nightwing redeems Batman's mistake, proving its merit despite poor execution, justifying the soundness of the original idea.

Titans rise as Earth's premier heroes during the Justice League's hiatus, assuming the mantle and protecting the world.

Nightwing admits adopting Batman's controversial strategy to his Titans team in issue #2, assuring them of executing it flawlessly this time.

Titans' valid concerns about Nightwing's scheme echo JLA: Tower of Babel, Mark Waid's written masterpiece with Howard Porter's illustrations.

In JLA: Tower of Babel (late 1990s), fans discover Batman's past creation of multiple methods with far-reaching consequences.

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