Most Selfish Zodiac Signs You Never Trust In Friendship

Aquarians are affable yet egotistical in their friendships. They appear aloof and emotionless. Friends may think Aquarians are selfish.


Their love of change and unpredictability may be thrilling but sometimes cause relationship instability. They may cancel arrangements last minute or not show up, making pals feel ignored and irrelevant.

Libra’s quest for harmony might lead to selfishness. Libra may avoid disagreement and put their own happiness above their friend's.


Libras are indecisive because they value balance and harmony. They may struggle to make friendship decisions and rely on friends. Their friends may feel burdened by this.

Tauruses are possessive about their friends. They may feel intimidated by their friend's previous relationships and want more attention.


These people can also be adamant in their viewpoints, causing friendship disputes. They may put their personal views ahead of the partnership.

Leos want attention and may become offended if their friends don't give them enough. They may disregard or dislike their companion by prioritizing their own recognition demands.


These people may also try to regulate their friendships. They may wish to lead the group and reject taking direction, causing friction.

Scorpios distrust people and may not trust their pals. They may put their personal security above their friend's honesty and openness, causing mistrust and animosity.


Scorpios are also emotional. Thus, they may struggle to moderate their friendship sentiments. They may overlook or overwhelm their companions by prioritizing their emotional demands.