LSU's Angel Reese invokes Deion Sanders to respond to the rumors swirling around her

Angel Reese, a prominent player for LSU women's basketball, used social media once more on Monday to address rumors swirling around her recent absence from the court.

On November 14, Reese was benched during the second half of LSU's victory against Kent State. On Saturday, when LSU faced Southeastern Louisiana in Hammond, she was nowhere to be found.

Reese is still on the team, according to LSU coach Kim Mulkey, who expressed her optimism that she would play soon.

Prior to Monday night's home game versus Texas Southern, there were doubts about Reese's standing inside the program. Rumors about her status were all over social media.

Reese posted a statement by Colorado football coach Deion Sanders on Instagram on Monday, seemingly as a warning to those who were criticizing her for the circumstances.

In the video, Sanders remarked, "Look at me, what about me would make you think that I care about your opinion of me?" "My opinion of myself is different from yours. You cannot break me since you did not create me."

Mulkey stopped another reporter from asking if Reese's absence was her own. "I'm done answering," Mulkey remarked. "Finished. All you need to know. OK? Talk about this wonderful crowd."