LATAM Increased Its International Seating Capacity

In October 2022, LATAM Airlines Group reported a 14.9% increase in available seats per kilometer (ASK), which is equivalent to available seats per mile as calculated by U.S. airlines. 

It was only natural that space on international flights would increase by 31.2 percent. Since February 2020, the ASK has reached its peak. An 87.8 percent load factor accompanied these outcomes in that particular segment. 

In the international sector, capacity expanded by 39.8 percent in the initial ten months of 2023, relative to the corresponding period in 2022. This growth was consistent with a demand surge of 41.9 percent. 

Comparing October 2022 to the corresponding month of October, the quantity of passengers transported surged 13.2 percent, reaching 6.4 million.

Among these passengers, 1.2 million were associated with international operations, representing a significant increase of 38.4 percent.

Comparing January to October 2022 to the present, the cumulative count of passengers transported has surpassed 60 million, reflecting a growth of 18.1%. 

In October 2022, there was a notable increase of 32.8 percent in passenger traffic on international routes, as quantifyable by revenue passenger kilometers (RPK), when compared to the corresponding month in 2021. 

LATAM's recent expansion of its partnership with Delta undoubtedly did not hurt. 

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