Is It True That Coffee Is Healthy

1. Coffee helps the heart. Coffee can boost your mood and nurture your spirit. The research found that "healthy people." who drank three to five cups of coffee had a 15% decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

2. It provides short-term energy. Caffeine is the main reason people love this drink. You'll feel energized after drinking your favorite coffee, which has 127 milligrams in a double espresso or 95 in one brewed cup.

3. It may reduce dementia and Alzheimer's risk. Consistent coffee consumption promotes long-term brain and cognitive health benefits. A 2016 study found that coffee drinking lowered Alzheimer's disease risk.

4. Coffee helps manage weight. Coffee can help you lose or control weight since it includes plant chemicals and polyphenols that prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome

5. Coffee may lower cancer risk. Numerous factors affect illness risk, however, coffee drinking has been linked to cancer.

6. It lowers type 2 diabetes risk. Diabetes Care says your favorite coffee, caffeinated or decaf, may lessen your diabetes risk. Coffee may assist your pancreas' beta cells, which create insulin and regulate blood sugar, according to a Nutrients review.

7. It also aids mental wellness. Most individuals feel better after their first few sips of coffee in the morning, but coffee may also improve your mental health over time.

8. Coffee can make anxiety worse. If you have a panic condition or routinely feel nervous, reduce your coffee intake.

9. It may raise blood pressure. Coffee may improve heart health, but they advise hypertensives to limit caffeine intake because it can raise blood pressure.

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