How Joe Burrow's calf injury will impact the Bengals

After Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor said Joe Burrow likely will miss "several weeks" after suffering a right calf strain the day before

receiver Ja'Marr Chase told reporters it was good to see Burrow in the locker room Friday, even if he needed a crutch and a scooter.

Taylor wouldn't say whether Burrow may miss the Bengals' Sept. 10 opener against the Cleveland Browns.

Burrow regularly misses preseason games. In 2020, the epidemic canceled preseason games, and he played just three

snaps in one game the following summer while recovering from ACL/MCL surgery. Last preseason, he recovered from appendectomy.

ESPN NFL writer Stephen Holder and ESPN senior writer and injury analyst Stephania Bell discuss how long Burrow's injury will last and its consequences

Mild: Grade 1, limited structural damage, localized pain/inflammation, minimal functional loss, recovery takes days to weeks.

Moderate: Grade 2, structural damage, increased pain/inflammation/functional limitation, many weeks to recover

Severe: Grade 3, total rip, structure damaged, frequently with a visible defect, substantial pain/inflammation/functional loss

Taylor stated Burrow will return in several weeks, which without context suggests a moderate strain.

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