Housing Trends For Boomers

1. Place-Based Aging

Boomers often install ramps, grab bars, wider doors, and single-story living to their homes to age in place.

2. Downsize/Rightsize

Boomers typically downsize to smaller homes or right-size to lower-maintenance settings. They want retirement homes that are easier to operate and fit their lifestyle.

3. Active Adult Groups

Boomers like active adult communities (55+). Fitness centers, social organizations, and senior-friendly activities are available in these towns.

4. Multigenerational Living

Some Boomers choose to live with adult children or have them return home. Shared expenses and family support are possible.

5. Homesharing, Renting

Renting or home-sharing appeals to Boomers seeking flexibility, lower maintenance, and cost savings.

6. Smart Homes And Technology Integration

Boomers are adopting smart thermostats, security systems, voice-activated assistants, and medical alert systems for convenience and security.

7. Housing For Health

Wellness-focused housing with fitness centers, walking trails, and community gardens is becoming more popular.

8. Home Equity Conversion

Boomers may use reverse mortgages to enhance retirement income or release home equity without selling.

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