Green or Red Chilli: Which is Healthier?

Our dishes are greatly enhanced with chilies. Spice is abundant in all cuisines, making it taste better and providing health advantages.

Chilies are crucial to our daily diet since they include minerals and vitamins. Our households utilize green and red chilies (mainly powdered).

Recent debates have centered on which chili is best. Many are confused and unable to make a decision due to varying perspectives. 

1. Watermelon juice helps maintain hydration and electrolyte balance, which is crucial for health.  It also contains electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, which help balance the body. 

Despite the uncertainty, individuals are replacing red chili powder with green chili, which is more spicy.

As the saying goes, green food is healthy. Studies show that green chillies improve health in many ways.

Red chiles are elderly green chilies that dried up. Most of their water and nutrients are lost.

Red chilies are commonly powdered. The method could adulterate the product. Additionally, store-bought red chili powder may contain synthetic coloring.

Green chiles are calorie-free and water-rich. Ideal for dieters who need spice in their daily routine.

Red chili can induce gastric ulcers and stomach cancer if eaten in excess.

Green chili is a superior spice to spice up cuisine, while red chilli has unique health benefits when eaten in moderation.

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