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Gender Neutral Haircuts For A Stylish Androgynous Look

Low-maintenance short haircuts include a buzz cut, pixie, spikes, or tight curls. Most people have short, modern, unisex, and gender-neutral cuts.

Short Hair

With a long haircut, it's easy to play around with layers, thickness, and color. A loose shoulder-length style with curtain bangs that frame the face makes me think of the 1980s.

Long Hair

You can play around with texture and color when you have a short, angled pixie cut. The slanted pixie is not symmetrical because it has beautiful layers and a deep side part.

Angled Pixie

This cut works for people with square, round, or oval faces. Straight hair can look fun and young if you use texturizing sprays, curling wands, or just mess it up a bit. 

Curly Bob

For a beachy or punk-rock look, short, wavy hair can be curled or spiked, while straight hair can be pulled back into a ponytail.

Shaved Sides

The shag haircut, which started in the 1970s, is still a cool, rebellious look for young people. Accentuate the jagged layers in this naturally loose haircut for a look that is both edgy and versatile.

The Shag

The curved pixie bob is a fashionable hairstyle. For square faces, the cut makes the neck look longer and draws attention to the cheeks with sharp curves and shaved areas.

Pixie Bob with Tapered Sides

This is a trendy and seductive look. Messy waves look classy, but to get them to settle properly, you need to shampoo, condition, and let them dry naturally.

Messy Medium-Length Waves

A skilled stylist can easily blend curtain bangs into long layers to give the cheeks a sweet, soft look. With a pixie cut or a mullet, these bangs look great.

Curtain Bangs

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