Costco's Favorite Smoothie Returns, Exciting Shoppers

Popular Smoothie Found at Costco Food courts around the United States have recently begun stocking Costco's Fruit Smoothie once again.

Over the past few days, some workers have reported seeing the old favorite on the menu at nearby facilities.

Customers Are Overjoyed That It Is Back

Many members call the Fruit Smoothie the "berry smoothie" because it contains strawberry, blueberry, and acai.

The Costco food court discontinued it at the start of summer to make place for a Hawaii-only Mango Smoothie.

Fans are excited about the Fruit Smoothie's comeback. Several were excited when a Costco buyer uploaded a photo on Reddit this week showing it on the menu for $2.99.

Fan's Reaction

Since the mango smoothie was not on the menu in the Redditor's photo, the Fruit Smoothie may replace it when it returns to warehouses. Costco would not immediately confirm the Mango Smoothie's retirement.

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