Bracco Italiano The Newest Official Dog Breed

Bracco Italiano's History

While the Bracco Italiano is the most recent breed to be recognized by the AKC, it is one of the oldest pointing breeds and was introduced to the United States in the 1990s.

The breed has grown in popularity in the United States, becoming a popular hunting dog with a lengthy list of desired characteristics.

How Should Bracco Italiano Dogs Look?

The Bracco Italiano, unlike poodles and many other popular dog breeds, only comes in a few colors: white, orange and white, and chestnut and white.

They're also frequently roan patterned, with strongly mottled patches of color intermingled with white. The result is a splotchy appearance that resembles a brown cow.

Like Most Big Dogs, They Need Care

Caring for a Bracco is simple, aside from offering at least 30 minutes of daily activity. They have short coats that require little maintenance, but their long ears should be cleaned monthly to avoid ear infections.

Regular nail cutting is essential, and brushing your dog's teeth will help avoid more costly dental cleanings in the future.

Braccco Italianos Love Other Dogs

Giving them a canine companion to play with is a simple approach to get them extra exercise. Braccos get along with almost everyone, especially other Braccos.

They can also learn to be friendly with cats and other small family pets if they are socialized with them from an early age.

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Their Pointing Instinct Can Be Annoying

Because this Italian pointer is a hunting breed, chasing squirrels comes naturally to them.  

Owners may redirect their Bracco Italiano's inclinations into retrieve activities instead of recovering local animals or the neighbor's gerbil with frequent training.

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