Benefits Of Pet Insurance For Dogs


Pet insurance lowers emergency vet bills

Vet costs may surprise you. Vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention, bloodwork, and diagnostic testing raise the average vet visit to $200 from $60.

Accidentally swallowing household cleaners or losing a leather glove might cost thousands. 


Pet insurance can reduce preventative care costs, depending on your coverage

Pet insurance doesn't cover everything. Most plans cover unforeseen illnesses, accidents, chronic diseases, surgery, cancer treatment, most diagnostic testing, emergency vet fees, and other unexpected expenses. 


Visit any vet

Pet insurance will cover treatments at your preferred vet, including specialists and emergency clinics. 


Customizable insurance

Your pet's requirements can be met by your pet insurance company. A puppy doesn't need hip-problem covering, right? 


Covered breeds and ages

Lemonade does not cover all canine ages, but if you enroll your puppy, they will never be denied due to age. Senior pets may not be accepted. Pre-existing conditions aren't covered, so enroll your dog quickly.


It's cheap overall

Dog insurance averages $44 per month for $5,000 of annual coverage. Lemonade suggests getting a quote for $20,000 annual coverage, the normal maximum. After ingesting a tennis ball, your pet may need emergency surgery.

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Some companies offer pet insurance

Some companies offer pet insurance add-ons. More firms are offering pet insurance as 70% of full-time workers have at least one pet.

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