9 Things You Can Get Free At Pharmacies

Prescription Drug Counseling

Pharmacists provide free consultation and guidance on prescribed medications, including proper usage, potential side effects, and interactions.

Blood Pressure Checks

Many pharmacies have blood pressure monitors available for customers to use at no cost. Pharmacists or trained staff can assist in measuring and interpreting the results.


Some pharmacies offer free vaccinations for certain diseases, such as the flu shot, depending on availability and eligibility.

Medication Dosage Spoons or Syringes

Pharmacies often provide free measuring devices, such as dosage spoons or syringes, to ensure accurate medication administration.

Health Screenings

Some pharmacies host health screening events where you can get free assessments of various health parameters like blood glucose levels, cholesterol, or body mass index (BMI).

Medication Disposal

Pharmacies may have designated collection sites for the safe disposal of expired or unwanted medications to prevent environmental contamination.

Pill Organizers

Some pharmacies offer complimentary pill organizers to help individuals organize their medications and ensure proper adherence to prescribed regimens.

Informational Brochures and Pamphlets

Pharmacies often have a wide range of free educational materials on health conditions, medications, and general wellness.

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