9 Outdated Kitchen Trends

Heavy Ornate Cabinetry

Overdone cabinets with complex detailing and heavy hardware is obsolete. Smooth lines and basic designs characterize modern kitchens.

Matching Everything

Kitchens with perfectly matching cabinets, worktops, and appliances are too uniform. Mixing materials and finishes is trendy for personalization.

Over-the-Top Backsplashes

Complex backsplash designs, especially those featuring murals or patterns, are typically deemed antiquated. Simple, classic backsplashes are popular.

Hanging Pot Racks

Old-fashioned pot racks that hang pots and pans from the ceiling can clutter the kitchen. Cleaner built-in storage is recommended.

Too Much Open Shelving

Open shelving adds charm, but too much can clutter a room. Modern kitchens have open shelving and closed storage for organization.

Tuscan-Inspired Decor

Tuscan-style kitchens with dark wood, wrought iron, and warm colors are outmoded. Lighter, neutral tones are preferred for a brighter, modern effect.

Overbearing Kitchen Islands

Large, ornate kitchen islands are less popular. Modern kitchen islands are sleeker and more useful.

Faux Finishes

Faux wood and marble are antiquated. Genuine materials and textures are preferred for a more sophisticated look.

Mismatched Appliances

Appliance colors and styles that clash are generally considered design mistakes. Integrating appliances creates a more polished look.

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