8 Things You Should Not Buy With Cash

1. Expensive Electronics

Cash buyers of computers, cellphones, and TVs may not receive extended warranties, purchase protection, or fraud coverage.

2. Travel Tickets

Avoid cash-only bookings, especially flights and hotels. Travel insurance, cancellation protection, and charge disputes are available with credit cards.

3. Large Furniture Or Appliances

Cash payments for large items like furniture sets or major appliances lack the traceability and documentation of credit card transactions, making returns, warranties, and quality issues more difficult.

4. Jewelry And Valuables

If you buy expensive jewelry or valuables with cash, you may not have receipts or documentation for insurance, appraisal, or proof of purchase in case of theft or loss.

5. Online Purchases

Without fraud protection or a transaction record, cash purchases online are dangerous and hard to trace or dispute.

6. Vehicle Purchases

Buying a car with cash may limit negotiation leverage or prevent lower-interest financing. If handled well, financing can build credit.

7. Home Down Payments

 A portion of the home purchase may be purchased with cash, however relying only on cash may be risky owing to carrying big amounts and missing out on mortgage perks.

8. Business Expenses

Cash for business costs can make accounting and tracking spending for tax purposes or business reimbursements difficult.

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