8 Most Beautiful Green Perennials


Known for their large, textured leaves in various shades of green, hostas are shade-loving plants that add elegance and lushness to gardens.


With their delicate, feathery fronds, ferns like the Boston fern or maidenhair fern bring a soft, green touch to shady areas of the garden.


These versatile plants offer a range of green shades with beautiful foliage, often with ruffled edges and interesting patterns.

Lamb's Ear

Featuring soft, velvety leaves in a silvery-green color, Lamb's Ear adds texture and a soothing green hue to garden borders and ground covers.


With heart-shaped, dark green leaves often adorned with silver markings, Brunnera adds a touch of elegance to shaded garden areas


With large, glossy, green leaves that can turn reddish in the fall, Bergenia is a hardy perennial that adds bold foliage to garden beds.


With its elegant, arching stems and paired green leaves, Solomon's Seal adds a graceful, woodland look to shaded garden areas.


This plant offers unique, bright green foliage and interesting flower structures, providing a striking and durable green presence in the garden.

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