8 Houseplants That Improve Your Mental Health

The weeping fig was one of the top three most effective plants for improving mood, according to the study.

Weeping fig

Mother-in-law's tongue—also known as a snake plant—is another low-maintenance option that can improve indoor air quality

Snake Plant

As we know, plants that are green and leafy tend to be considered most widely attractive (and therefore best for improving one's mood).


The prayer plant is known for its beautiful foliage and can add vibrancy to indoor spaces.

Prayer Plant

Bird's nest ferns are lush and uniquely textured. "As far as why this plant is a mood booster, it's possible that it has to do with aesthetics,.

Bird's Nest Fern

The study revealed that golden pothos plants, with their trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves, were among the top three mental health-boosting plants.

Golden pothos

Adorned with slender, spikey, sword-like leaves, dragon trees are a sight to behold.

Dragon Tree

Finally, palms were found to be another top-three plant for boosting mood and mental health, according to the study.