7 Home Design Choices That Bring Down Your Mood

Studies show that being exposed to natural light on a daily basis helps set your circadian rhythm, which can affect your mood, sleep patterns, and overall health.

You have a lack of natural light.

When your home is a mess, it can have a profound effect on your mood, mental health experts say.

You have inadequate storage.

The colors and patterns on your walls and furniture can greatly influence your mood.

You have displeasing color schemes or patterns.

Furniture should serve a dual purpose of being both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

You have uncomfortable furniture.

How you arrange your furniture is just as crucial to your mood as picking the right pieces.

Your home has a poor flow or layout.

If it isn't, the sterility of your everyday environment can take a toll on your mood and mental health.

Your home lacks personalization.

Including natural elements in your home design can make you feel at one with your environment, ultimately boosting your mood.

Your plants are dying.