7 Best New Items At Sam's Club

Poppi Prebiotic Soda Variety Pack

After reviewing the product, one buyer stated, "Super good, flavors taste exactly like they state they are." Strawberry Lemon, Orange, also known as and Cherry Limeade are available in 12-packs for $18.88.

Kewpie Mayo

Instagrammer remarked, "Great bargain. Walmart charges me that for one. Meijers charges $1 extra per." Someone said Giant's Kewpie mayo cost $7.99 a bottle.

Member's Mark Hatch Chile Chicken, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sausage

For spicy breakfasts, Sam's Club created a limited-time 20-count Hatch Chile Chicken, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Sausage. A user on Instagram said this item is $8.48, yet Sam's Club has it at $4.98.

Feel Good Foods Vegetable Spring Rolls

A reviewer called the item "such a great deal," adding that Whole Foods sells a three-count package of Feel Good Foods' Chicken & Veggie Egg Rolls, which are larger than the springtime rolls, for the same price.

Member's Mark Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavored Banana Trail Mix

A recent Instagram user remarked, "We bought two bags as they are so delicious!" Another enthusiast claimed it "has just the right amount of salted and sweet," adding that they used it as an ice cream topping.

Member's Mark Breakfast Tray

After Instagram user revealed this item's introduction, other people commented with delight. "The apple fritters are delish!" said one. Another Instagrammer dubbed the breakfast tray "Great idea."

Member's Mark Brioche Slider Buns

One Instagrammer claimed the slider buns for the wholesale club's Prime Rib Ground Beef Sliders were a "hit with the kids," calling the brioche buns "perfect size."

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