The 6 Best Clothing Brands If You're Over 60, Stylists Say

It's almost impossible to know where to shop these days. Once upon a time, you would head to your local mall and peruse your favorite stores.

Now, most shopping is done online, meaning you need to either know which brands to type into your search bar, or you're at the whim of advertising recommendations.

This direct-to-consumer brand cuts the middleman out of the shopping experience, so it's able to provide lower prices.


J. Jill has basics, as well as trendy, bolder pieces.

J. Jill

The retailer often holds sales that cut its already affordable prices by 40 percent.

Lands' End

Everlane is a great place to get quality basics. "It's a great brand that works hard to make classic pieces that fit a wide range of body types and sizes."


If menopause causes sensitive skin, itching, and hot flashes, try Juliemay Lingerie from Europe.

Juliemay Lingerie