5 Ways to Make Your Skin Feel Like a Million Bucks

Welcome Luxury Skincare “Dupes”—Your New Best Friend

The word duplication means duplicate. If you enjoy an expensive skincare product, you can probably find a dupe. Search online for your favorite pricey goods and “dupe.”

The skincare business duplicates and sells goods under other brands and labels at a discount.

What Cleanse Water?

New formulas include cleansing water. Cleansers used to be lotions or creams. After years of being around, micellar water has hit the consumer market.

It is water with oil molecules floating in it and is the gentlest, most magical makeup remover. Makeup glides off the cotton pad without scraping.

Play with New Formulas

Previous products included creams, lotions, and toners. Korean Beauty formulas have redefined skincare texture. 

There's serum, essence, mud, balm, water gel, moisturizing gel, mousse, cushions, and the latest trend: face masks.

Here Comes Cushion

The cushion is coming! The cushion is here. A jar, compact, or tube containing a "cushion," or sponge, holds foundation, blusher, highlighter, lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner.

Look for Korean Beauty

Try searching “Korean Beauty” and have fun. When Target sells Korean cosmetic products online and in stores, treating your skin is no longer a luxury.

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