4 Zodiacs for Healing Past Wounds 

Cancers will be kind to your heart since they wish to help you through your pain. 

They won't mind your baggage because they know everyone has faced hardships that shaped them. This sign never judges. 

Leos inspire. They will boost your self-esteem to heal old scars. They will highlight your beauty that you may not see. 

 Leos are too loyal to let loved ones suffer. They will do everything they can to make you smile again.

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Libras are among the most charitable signs. They will provide a safe area to process your feelings to heal old scars. 

This sign will listen to you and remember the tiny things you say, and they won't run away when you cry. 

Pisces hates seeing others distressed, especially their loved ones. This sign will do whatever to make you feel better about yourself and your position

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