10 Similarities Between Boomers and Younger Generations No One Is Talking About

Medicine has advanced these past few decades, but it’s never easy to trust someone with your life.

Never Trusting Doctors

As a 10-year-old, they seemed perfectly logical, yet many of the ‘grown-ups’ opposed their introduction,” another user remarked.

Say “No” To Seat Belts

When we were young, our boys were expected to explore, try things, and learn from their mistakes, while we were expected to be neat, clean, and helpless.

Inequality Was Never Cool

 They saved money for all of us to go to college without having to take out loans because that was all that important to them.

Little Trust in Their Children

“He lived with them until he was 19, and the last 5 years were him working/hunting to fill their fridge while Dad's Dad was a volunteer firefighter. 

No Contracts

It’s easy to look back and think people are silly for being afraid of computers taking their jobs.

Robots Didn’t Take Over

"They elected Nixon," one user wrote, implying that the American people at the time were stupid and couldn't tell a fake from the real thing. 

The New President

"The generation before us messed up the stock market so badly in 1929 that people starved for 10 years during the Great Depression, so I'd say that's probably true." 

The Stock Market Crash

My parents didn't care about pollution or do anything about it. Companies were free to throw their industrial trash into rivers and the air.

Pollution Was a Myth