12 Big Things Boomers Do Not Understand About Raising Children Today

From their first steps to sleepy faces with drool running down their lips, people are obsessed with sharing photos of their babies on social media. 

1. Online Baby Mania

In the past, unsupervised computer time was fine because there wasn't much to watch. An ad for underwear would be the worst thing a child could see.

2. Screen Time Sorrows

Millennials do wish their children could play outside.

3. No Playing Outside

Boomers have lived through times of industrialization and mass production, so they may find it hard to understand why millennials are so into organic and natural goods.

4. Organic Obsessions

Many boomers may have let their kids sleep when they were tired, but millennials are changing that. Training a baby to sleep seems to be good for his or her health. 

5. Sleep Schedules

Many millennials don't seem to be in a hurry to train their kids to use the toilet because diapers are so cheap.

6. Delayed Potty Training

As we learn more about how to raise children, time-outs seem like an old-fashioned way to punish them.

7. Out With the Time Outs

In the ’90s, parents going away for a night out meant unsupervised party time for kids.

8. Constant Check-Ins

Draping babies in heaps of layers due to the fear of cold is understandable.

9. Wasted Warmth

Since the outbreak, changes in the way people work have made it possible for more parents to work from home.

10. Not Babysitting When Working From Home

Parenting is a constantly changing idea, so many millennials try to be flexible and learn how to be better parents every day.

12. Parenting Isn’t Permanent