12 Things Millennials Wish They Could Explain to Their Elders

Not only are we too attached to our phones. Technology has given us ways to meet, work, and learn that were not possible before.

The Value of Technology

The economy, college loans, and a different housing market have all made it harder for us to become homeowners.

The Housing Market Has Changed

Even though it's nice to buy things, many of us would rather do things like travel or eat out.

We Value Experiences

We talk about how we feel and how our minds are doing because we know how important it is. 

Mental Health Matters

Traditional measures of success aren't as important to a lot of us as work-life balance, personal projects, or starting a business.

The Definition of Success is Different

Different economic and social factors make us spend money in different ways. If some businesses are going down, it's because times are changing, not because of a planned attack.

We Aren’t “Killing” Industries

Our activism on topics like climate change, equality, and justice is not just a "phase." We really want to change the world for the better.

We Care About Social Issues

Many of us are getting married, having children, or buying homes later than Boomers did. It depends on both what you do and what happens to you.

Traditional Life Milestones Are Delayed

Most people no longer work for the same company for 40 years. We've had to get used to a more unstable job market and often work more than one job at a time.

The Job Market is Unpredictable

Despite what people think, many Millennials are committed and work hard. We just do things differently, and we often value adaptability and new ideas.

We Do Value Hard Work