10 Unexpectedly Fantastic Haircuts for Women Over 70

Large Shag: 

Modern and elegant shag haircuts have layers and volume. It gives your hair texture and movement, making it youthful.

Asymmetric Bob:

Asymmetrical bobs with shorter sides are stylish and edgy. It gives your haircut a unique, refined look.

Soft, Curly: 

Long hair and layers show off your curls. This haircut provides volume and softness for a charming, young look.

Short and sassy: 

Short and sassy haircuts with tapered sides and back are entertaining and low-maintenance. It adds flair to your style.

Bowl Cut: 

Modern bowl cuts are chic. For a modern look, shorten and layer.

Bangs-layered Bob:

A layered bob with bangs suits all ages. It adds dimension and elegantly frames the face.

Mohawk braid: 

Braided mohawks are striking. For a bold look, shave or trim the sides and braid the top.

Long, Gray: 

Keep your gray hair long and add layers for movement. This stylish haircut highlights your hair color.

Modern Pompadour 

Modern pompadours with volume on top and short sides are elegant and bold.

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