10 Unethical Life Hacks People Admit They Use

Some users said they had pretended to be students to get discounts on things like movie tickets, museum entrance fees, and even car rentals.

1. Pretend to Be a Student For Discounts

Several people have admitted to lying on their resumes to get a job.

2. Lie On Resumes

One reviewer said that their company had a "no questions asked" return policy for electronics.

3. Take Advantage of Company Policies

Some people said they had made up allergies to get out of going to social events they didn't want to. 

4. Claim Fake Allergies to Get Out Of Social Events

They would use an expired coupon for 20% off that still worked at their local craft shop, even though it had been expired for years.

5. Use Expired Coupons

Even though not everyone said they had stolen things from shops, a few people said they had. 

6. Shoplift

Some people said they had used shop return policies to get their money back for things they no longer needed or wanted.

7. Take Advantage of Return Policies

One person said that they paid people to write good reviews of their restaurant on sites like Yelp.

8. Use Fake Reviews

Some people admitted that they faked being sick to get out of work when they weren't really sick. 

9. Pretend to Be Sick to Get Out of Work

They once parked in a no-parking zone and left their car there all day because they knew there was a legal loophole that meant the city couldn't tow it.

10. Take Advantage of Loopholes in the Law