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10 Tasty Recipes Every Cheese Lover Should Try

Halloumi curry

Halloumi is a semi-hard, brined cheese which is delicious when grilled, fried or baked. But we love it in this simple and fragrant curry.

Cheese and potato galette

This centrepiece-worthy dish incorporates sharp and tangy blue cheese that pairs perfectly with the potatoes.

Roast peppers with burrata

An indulgent recipe for special occasions at home, this stunning dish combines smoky roasted red peppers.

Cheese, ham and fig crêpes

In Brittany, western France, savoury pancakes are commonly known as galettes and are usually made with buckwheat flour.

Ham and cheese pie

If you have ready-made puff pastry in the fridge, there are so many ways to use it – in simple slices, pies and other bakes with only a handful of other ingredients.

Mattar paneer

Paneer is a mild Indian cheese which holds its shape during cooking so is a great vegetarian substitute for meat in dishes like curry.

Halloumi fries

If you thought you couldn’t get better than grilled halloumi, think again. Coated in flour and deep-fried, the semi-hard.

Apple and cheese spelt buns

These little Swedish breads are perfect served warm with a generous spread of butter.

Spinach and ricotta pie

In this cheesy recipe, based on Greek classic spanakopita, spinach is combined with salty feta and crumbly ricotta.

Fried cheese toastie

This recipe takes the wonderful classic to a different level. What’s not to like about having two carbs – potatoes and sourdough bread.