10 Shaggy Hairstyles for Women over 60

Short Shaggy Bob:

Fine hair looks great in a traditional short scruffy bob. Your hair appears fuller due to the layers and disheveled texture.

Shag: Side-Swept

This hairstyle frames the face with lengthy layers swept to one side. The side-swept shag is easy to style for any occasion.

Shag: Curly

Embrace your curls with a curly shag hairdo. It provides volume and texture to fine curly hair.

Shaggy Fringe:

Fine hair gets volume and texture with this hairdo. Shaggy fringe frames the face and adds fun.

Lob: Layered

This longer bob hairstyle adds volume and flow to fine hair with blended layers. 

Bob: Wispy

The wispy bob suits fine hair. Soft, wispy layers provide texture and volume, while the bob length maintains

Crop: Textured

This short haircut is disheveled and edgy with choppy layers and textured ends. Easy to style and maintain.

Layered Hair:

Fine hair appears fuller with this hairdo. For a casual look, curl the layers or leave them straight.

Medium Shag

The bangs frame the face and highlight your features, while the layers offer body and texture. 

Layered Pixie Cut

This haircut gives the appearance of thicker hair with short, textured layers.

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