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10 Recipe Ideas To Make Meals In Advance

Chicken Lasagna

Lasagna is a classic make-ahead recipe for a reason — the flavours simply develop the longer it sits, and it freezes wonderfully.

Slow Cooker Carnitas

Sure, you could just brown some ground beef with packaged seasoning to make tacos.

Beef Stew

If you have 20 minutes in the morning, you have enough time to make this stew in the slow cooker.

Fish Sticks

Kid-friendly fish sticks can be made in advance and frozen until you want to bake them — and they’re much healthier than the store-bought version.

Vegetarian Burritos

Wrap up your favourite veggies — perhaps corn, zucchini and bell peppers, as this recipe suggests.

Meatball Curry

Give your dinner a little spice with a meatball curry, formed with ground chicken or turkey to make the meal a little healthier.

Barbecue Meatloaf

Most meatloaves are topped with a ketchup-based sauce, but this twist on a classic instead features a honey-barbecue sauce.

Veggie Calzones

This particular calzone recipe is not only vegetarian, but has a flavourful twist thanks to a dough stuffed with Mediterranean ingredients.

White Chicken Chili

Who says chili must have a tomato-based sauce and ground beef? A white chicken chili offers all the flavour of the standard variety.

Chicken Pot Pie

An American classic, chicken pot pie is a recipe that was simply made for being frozen.