10 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds That Love Children

Labrador retriever: 

Labradors are sociable. They're patient, tolerant, and great family pets for all ages.

Golden retriever: 

Golden Retrievers are kind and patient. They love kids and make great family dogs.


Beagles are friendly dogs. Their playfulness and energy make them good companions for active kids.

Charles Spaniel: 

Cavaliers are amiable canines who like kids. Their amiable demeanor makes them wonderful household pets.


Boxers are active and playful. They are warm and goofy with kids.


Bulldogs—especially English Bulldogs—are quiet and kind. They are good family pets and patient with kids.

Bichon Frise: 

Small, happy Bichon Frises get along nicely with kids. They are sociable, adaptable, and family-oriented.


Rough and Smooth collies are good family pets. They're kind, protective, and bond with kids.


Newfoundlands are patient, loving giants. For families with enough space, they're fantastic with kids.

Irish Setter: 

Irish Setters are playful and affectionate dogs. They're good companions for active families with kids.

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