10 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know

Subtly mimicking another person's body language, speech cadence, or tone can establish rapport and a sense of connection.

1. Mirroring

Offering a modest favor or act of kindness can stimulate a sense of obligation and increase the likelihood of receiving a favor in return.

2. Reciprocity

Introducing a higher price before a lower price can make the lower price appear more reasonable and appealing.

3. Anchoring

People tend to imitate the actions of others, so displaying testimonials or evaluations can influence their decisions.

4. Social Proof

Creating a perception of scarcity or limited supply can increase the perceived value of a product or opportunity.

5. Scarcity

Nodding can encourage agreement and strengthen the persuasiveness of your statements.

6. Nodding

The use of a person's name in discourse can foster a sense of connection and participation.

7. Name Use

Maintaining appropriate eye contact can communicate assurance, trustworthiness, and attentiveness.

8. Eye Contact

By presenting information in the form of a narrative, you can evoke emotion and make your message more memorable.

9. Storytelling

By dividing information into smaller, more manageable chunks, complex topics can be made simpler to comprehend and remember.

10. Chunking