10 Hottest Ways to Get The Hime Haircut Trend

Classic Hime Cut

Straight, waist-length hair with heavy front-facing bangs to the eyebrows is the Hime haircut.

Hime Layered Cut: 

Add layers to the Hime haircut for texture and movement.

curtain bangs:

Add curtain bangs to the Hime hairstyle for a softer, more modern look.

Cut with Layers: 

Frame the face with shorter layers around the front.

Wispy Bangs

Instead of thick bangs, go for wispy ones for a more ethereal look.

Ombre or Balayage

Adding ombre or balayage hair color to the Hime haircut adds depth and texture.

Choppy Ends

For a more modern look, add choppy ends to the Hime haircut.


Create a V-shaped back with the Hime haircut.

Textured Bangs

Instead of straight bangs, try textured ones for a more fun style.

Bangs and Layers

A dynamic Hime haircut with layers and bangs suits diverse facial shapes.