9 Hardcore Punishments Boomers Did To Get Their Kids In Line

One person said that when they were caught using too much toilet paper, their mother made them clean the whole bathroom with a toothbrush.

1. Cleaning With a Toothbrush

Another person said that when they were bad at school, they had to wear an odd outfit to school as a punishment.

2. Wearing a Ridiculous Outfit

In the past, writing lines was a common punishment, but one person's father went too far when he made them write the same sentence 1,000 times.

3. Writing Lines

A few people shared stories of being punished by having their mouths washed out with soap for using foul language.

4. Washing Their Mouth Out With Soap

One user described a punishment they received where their parents removed their bed from their room and made them sleep on the floor.

5. Taking Away Their Bed

One person recounted being punished by being made to stand in the corner for hours on end.

6. Standing in the Corner

Some people said that when they did something wrong, they were made to eat very spicy food as a punishment.

7. Making Them Eat Spicy Food

One person said that as a punishment, they were forced to hold books out in front of them for a long time.

8. Making Them Hold Books

Another user said that as a punishment, they were stripped of their shoes and made to walk naked in the snow.

9. Taking Away Their Shoes