10 “Good” Boomer Pieces of Wisdom That Actually Work, Millennials Listen Up

A wise old person once told them something that completely changed the way they thought about life. "Sometimes, people are just bad," the wise man told them.

1. Sometimes People Suck

Have you ever felt stuck in something that didn't make you happy? A wise expert once told me that the key to success was to fail quickly.

2. Fail Quickly

"Do it afraid" This may seem backwards, but they could gain confidence and do things they once thought were impossible if they faced their fears head-on.

3. Do It Scared

You should only beat yourself up once for a mistake and move on. This method lets them forget their faults and focus on improvement. 

4. Don’t Beat Yourself up Forever

Life can be hard at times, but one smart person found comfort in their mother's advice: "Go back to basics." 

5. Go Back to Basics

A savvy strategist on the platform shared their game-changing advice – wait 24 hours before purchasing.

6. Wait 24 Hours

Writing emails can be dangerous, but a person with a lot of experience shared an unusual method that has helped them a lot. 

7. Leave the Recipient Field Until Last

One wise man advised us that our words might have a lasting impact. They discovered that people remember how we made them feel, not what we said.

8. It’s How You Make Them Feel

Fear of failing can be crippling, but an experienced member of the community told them something that set them free and helped them get over it. 

9. No One Thinks About You as Much as You Do

Wasps can be intimidating, but one intrepid adventurer shared an unusual trick for dealing with them – do jazz hands!

10. Jazz Hands for Wasps