10 Countries You'll Be Grateful To Never Visit

North Korea

“North Korea,” someone commented. This country is known for its strict regime, human rights abuse, and poor living conditions.


The lack of government control has led to widespread violence and crime in Somalia. Kidnappings and attacks on foreigners are common, making it a dangerous tourist destination.


The Taliban still has a strong presence in Afghanistan and targets foreigners, especially women. The threat of terrorism is high, and the risk of kidnapping is also a concern.


“Egypt,” a woman said. According to her, Cairo resembles a war zone with turrets on street corners, tanks, and armed soldiers.


For years, Haiti has suffered from natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, which have worsened the living conditions of its citizens.

Saudi Arabia

“Saudi Arabia. If it ever becomes just Arabia, then maybe,” an anonymous person said. In Saudi Arabia, women are heavily restricted and must be accompanied by a male guardian at all times. 


India is known for its high pollution levels, overcrowding, and poverty. The country is also known for its poor treatment of women, and sexual assault is common.


Bangladesh suffers from political instability, and the threat of terrorism is high. “Bangladesh. I have visited it, but if you haven’t visited, you really don’t want to!”


“Belarus, I don’t mind missing out on the Russian puppet state.” Belarus is a country known for its strict government control and limited freedoms.


“Yemen. Far too scary,” someone commented. Yemen has had a civil war for several years, and the situation is unlikely to improve soon.

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