10+ Coolest Curtain Bangs for Summer 2023

Long and Wispy:

Bangs that are soft and feathery and mix well with the rest of the hair.

Angular Curtain

A straight-across cut with a bold, edgy appearance.


Bangs were separated slightly off-center for a more relaxed and casual look.

Layered Curtain

Using layers in the hair to give the bangs a textured and effortless look.

Micro Curtain: 

Face-framing bangs that are shorter and create a subtle statement.

Rounded Edge: 

Bangs cut in a rounded shape to draw attention to the face.

Curly Curtain: 

Natural curls with curtain bangs for a fun and lively look.


For dimension and visual intrigue, add highlights or balayage to the bangs.

Bangs on Textured

Texturizing the bangs to give them a lived-in, beachy look.

Bangs: Choppy

A choppy, layered cut for a stylish and modern look.

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