10 “Boomer” Opinions That Are Actually Spot On

1. People Are Too Loud

 Boomers are right when they say that people talk on their cell phones in public, gym-goers play music so loudly that you can hear it even if they have headphones on,

2. Physical Buttons Are the Best

As cars get more highly advanced, the simple physical button is becoming less and less important.

3. Paper Menus Are Better Than QR Code Menus

Most people agree with boomers that paper menus are better than having to scan a QR code to see how pricey your local restaurant's "New American" food menu is. 

4. Automated Customer Service Is the Worst

If you call a company's customer service hotline and find yourself talking to a live person, I'm going to need to know how you built a time machine back to 1995.

5. Stop Recording Fireworks

One boomer, or maybe a boomer-in-training, has some harsh words for people who do strange things like record fireworks shows on their phones.

6. Headlights Are Too Bright Nowadays

Does my dad often read the thread that made me write this? Wow, that sounds like something "my dad" would say. But I have to say that he's right.

7. Connected Appliances Are Stupid

Even though we live in the year 2023, that doesn't mean that every device in our home needs to be a "smart" device. 

8. A Watch Should Be a Watch

There are more than 216 million people who use smartwatches around the world. Many baby boomers think that's about 216 million people too many.

9. Let Me Own Things

Streaming video services and the copyright protection that came with them started a new era of entertainment built on subscriptions

10. Stop Overdoing Youth Sports

A woman said that parents overcompensate by putting their kids in too many sports groups. A lot of users agreed with her.