10 Best Dog Breeds for Cuddling


Dachshunds have enormous hearts and love snuggling with their owners.

Cocker Spaniel 

Cocker Spaniels love snuggling with their humans.

English Bulldog 

English Bulldogs are kind, friendly, and love sofa time with their owners.


Havanese dogs love to cuddle.


Pugs are affectionate and love to cuddle.

Shetland Sheepdog: 

Shelties love their family and cuddling.

Boston Terrier 

Boston Terriers love to cuddle.

Bernese Mountain Dog: 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle giants who love their families.

Maltese Shih-Tzu: 

Malshi dogs are affectionate lap pets.

Aussie Shepherd:

Australian Shepherds are smart, active, and love cuddling with their owners.

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