10 Best Cuts for Men With Thinning Hair

Buzz Cut: 

Buzz cuts can hide thinning hair. It's elegant and low-maintenance.

Crew Cut 

The basic crew cut has longer hair on top and shorter sides. It neatens and thickens hair.

Tight and High: 

The high-and-tight haircut has short sides and back and longer top. It looks clean and masculine on thinning hair.

Caesar Cut: 

A fringed Caesar cut is short. It gives males with thin hair texture and volume.

Taper Cut: 

Tapered haircuts have shorter sides and backs and longer tops. This smooth fade gives depth to the hair.

Textured Crop: 

Short, textured layers top the fashionable textured crop. It thickens and moves hair.

Faux Hawk: 

Faux hawks have shorter sides and longer middles. It adds height and texture and generates volume.

Side Part: 

Classic side part haircuts make hair appear thicker. A deep side part and shorter sides give a classic aesthetic.

Slick Back: 

If your hair is long enough, consider slicking it back with product. This style is elegant and volumous.

Bald Head 

Thinning guys can look confident and fashionable by becoming bald. It's bold and masculine.

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