10 Best 5-Minute Hairstyles To Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

Center Parted + Pinned

Split your hair down the middle, twist the front pieces away from your face, and pin them in place for a chic, timeless look.

Runway-Ready Hair Scarves

This style is great for girls with long, even-length hair. It makes a regular pony look fancier without being hard or taking too much time.

Slick Low Pony

Emilia Clarke can rock just about any hairstyle, including a slicked-back ponytail.

A New Take On An Old Classic

Use gel or hairspray to smooth your hair back, and pin it over your ears to keep it in place. 

Do The Twist

Use rope bands to pull your hair back and add depth to your look. You can braid your hair all the way to the ends, or you can leave some of it up and some down.

Mini French Twist

Use this quick twisting trick when your bangs are driving you crazy and you'll look put together in no time. 

Braided Pony

Instead of braiding your hair all the way to the ends, fix it with elastics at the nape of your neck for a style that serves two purposes.

Buns and Flowers

Add a sweet touch to a bun with a flower-filled hair clip. You can keep your hair out of your face and catch a look of spring at the same time.

Bubble Braids

Add playful, 90s detail to your look with this spunky hairstyle.

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